Are You Overwhelmed Caring for Someone Else? Call Your Concierge

“If there’s anyone out there who could use a little help juggling her act, it’s a caregiver.

After all, the average caregiver — usually a daughter managing doctors’ appointments, the household and finances for an aging parent — is still trying to manage her own 9-to-5 job. There are 61.6 million caregivers, according to the 2011 AARP study “Valuing the Invaluable: The Growing Contributions and Costs of Family Caregiving,” and one-third of them described their responsibilities as “highly stressful.” No wonder, when you consider that nearly three-fourths of caregivers say their role has caused them to be late for work, take leaves of absence or had other negative impacts on their job performance.

Sound familiar? If so, an entire industry — the elder care concierge — has cropped up to help you with this juggling act.

“The senior services segment of the concierge industry is growing lightning fast around the country,” says Katharine Giovanni, founder and chairman of the board of the International Concierge and Lifestyle Management Association (ICLMA). “It’s growing because adult children are totally stressed out. You have yourself, your kids, your work — you’re managing all these households and you’re going crazy.”

Elizabeth Swider knows this is true. She is owner of Care Is There, a geriatric care management company in Charlottesville, Va., that offers concierge services to older people, such as bill paying, coordinating home repairs, running errands like buying groceries and assisting with pet care. In nearly all cases, it’s an overwhelmed caregiver who seeks out her services. Swider then has to convince the aging adult that there’s nothing wrong with getting help.

“Older people have been taught that no matter what the hardship, you do whatever you can to muddle through,” Swider says. “But their children want more for them than that. They want Mom or Dad to have a better situation, and ask me to help.”

What can a concierge do to ease the burden?

  • Lighten caregiver’s load: In Mesa, Ariz., Debbie Bachler at White Glove Pet and Home Concierge helps clear the caregiver’s to-do list by doing her groceries, dry cleaning or post office run, so that she has time to spend with her parents. She also offers elder-sitting services so that the caregiver can go out for an evening or even take a vacation.
  • Help with private matters: “Older adults feel badly about asking their children for things,” says concierge Lynn Sudlow of the Complete Errand in West Lebanon, N.H. “And they like their privacy. Clients ask me to do things that she doesn’t want to bother her children with.”
  • Save you money: Most concierges charge between $25 and $55 an hour, according to the ICLMA, and are even cheaper than that in certain parts of the country. This is a bargain if you consider that the average female caregiver gives up an estimated $324,000 in lost wages, Social Security benefits and pension, according to a 2011 MetLife Mature Market Institute study, when she leaves the workforce early. Nearly one in four employed caregivers finds herself in this scenario, and reports either having stopped working, turned down a promotion, lost benefits or chosen early retirement to meet her responsibilities.”


You can care for family and friends and get paid for it, too.

Government paying people to assist Medicaid patients!

The Government has created a CDPAP program that enables almost anyone to get paid for taking care of someone on Medicaid.

CDPAP is a Medicaid program that allows consumers that need home care to direct their own care by hiring and training almost anyone, including family members or parent of a child (over 21 years old) to assist with daily home care needs.

  •  Do I need any training for this position?

No formal training is required for you to qualify as a caregiver. Any skill that would be required for this opportunity will be taught to you by the patients themselves.

The amount of hours you will need to work as a caregiver will be determined by the patient’s insurance company.

There are simple requirements to qualify for this position:

  1. You must be able to legally work in the United States.
  2. You need to have taken a full physical examination with your doctor, including complete lab results, with the last year.
  • How do I apply?

You will need to enroll your family member with Medicaid into a CDPAP (Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program) that will allow you to become their caregiver.

102 Ways You Can Use Us As Your Concierge

Concierge services

1. Traveling Notary Services – We come to you

2. Courier and Delivery Services

3. Home Organization with Professional Organizers

4. Auto Maintenance – Scheduled appointments, Pickup and delivery back to you

5. Bill paying – we arrange the payments, you approve and sign to release payment

6. Home Inventory – We will video the contents of your home and you can keep it in a safe place (vault).

7. Meal Delivery – We will order from your favorite restaurants and deliver the meal to you.

8. Pick up and Returning Gifts and Merchandise

9. Modified House sitting Need someone for a few hours while you are at work or away to schedule and wait for the service technician.

10. Senior Care – Food Shopping, Dry Cleaning, Prescription Pick up, Daily Errands, Schedule appointments and follow-up reminders.

11. Running errands – Anywhere within 15 miles of Greenwich.

12. Grocery Shopping, Wash Produce, Package foods for the Freezer or refrigerator

13. Valet Dry Cleaning Pick Up and Delivery Service, Inventory and Repair/Stains List.

14. Post Office Supplies, Packaging Send/Pick Up, Stamps, Certified Mail, Vacation Hold and Pick up Arrangements.

15. Personalized Personal shopping – Ask us to buy what you don’t have time to track down or shop for.

16. Internet Research – You name the subject, we will find you information and answers to your request.

17. Pet Services – Pet to Vet, Grooming, Walking, Pet Sitting, Pet Obedience Training

18. Restaurant Recommendations, Reviews and Reservation Service and Reminders

19. Business and Vendor Referral and Liaison Services

20. Travel and Vacation Planning and Research, Restaurants, Things to Do, Places of Interest, Babysitting Services, Car Services, Wardrobe/Sports Equipment Forwarding/Delivery Services.

21. Transportation services – Arrangements for Limo, Air/Sea/ Automobile, Private Air Marshall, Private Secure Car Service, Body Guard Services etc.

22. Obtain Tickets for Concerts, Museums, Special Events, Sporting Events etc.

23. Hospital Liaison Services – We can help manage your life at home or at work while you are recuperating or pre-planning stages of surgery, or treatments.

24. Prescription Pick Up and Delivery Services

25. Repairs and Service Calls for household services while you are at work/vacation

26. Oversee Household employees, Payroll, shopping and security.

27. Returning Library Books, Video’s, Rental Equipment etc.

28. Sick Care – Can’t get out of bed? Need things done while laid up? Give us the list and we’ll get the job done.

29. New Mommy Services- Run to the store for Diapers, food, baby supplies. Need a little pampering, beauty services, Hair, Nails, and Pedicure etc.

30. Meeting and Event/Party Planning – Private Parties/Corporate Events all details of the event professionally covered and orchestrated.

31. Personal Chef Services- Need a meal or a few? Need a Chef to cook at home or meals prepared and delivered to your door.

32. Single Parent Helper – you name it, we can do it.

33. Relocation Services- Moving out of state – let us do the research for MD’s, DDS, Schools, Private Schools and the lay of the land in your new place. Babysitters, Housekeeping Staff, Private Car Services, Decorator etc.

34. Gift Baskets/Flowers Delivered to a restaurant, a friend, office or sent anywhere. Holiday Gift Baskets our Specialty

35. Landscaping, Pool, Tennis Court Services or Repairs. Vendor Referrals

36. Reminder Services- Provide us with a list of Birthdays, Anniversaries, Special Occasions, Appointments, Scheduled Yearly/Monthly events and appointments etc..

37. Private Charters – Yachts, Jets, Helicopters, Private Body Guard/Security etc.

38. Hire A Helper – Someone who can assist you with anything “an event Concierge”.

39. Private Security Services- Air Marshals, Body Guards, Private Chauffeur, House Watch while away.

40. Day Spa Services – At your favorite retreat or at home in your private boudoir.

41. Nanny Services- Will work with Employment Agencies to help locate and interview Nanny, Babysitter, Baby Nurse or Au Pairs.

42. Estate Planning/Financial Services – Licensed professionals referred to you for all your Estate/Financial Plans.

43. Club Services – Arrange for Tennis/Tee Time, Manicures, Haircuts, Dinner Reservations, Pro Shop Gifts and Purchases.

44. Appointment Bookings – Whatever you need to schedule and arrange for, let us do the work then remind you when to go.

45. Hire a Butler- A Houseman, Valet, Housekeeper, and Chauffeur. Training per your distinct orders.

46. New to the Area? Let our personal Concierge show you around town and get you familiar with all there is to see and do. Professional Services referrals.

47. Office Help – Need Professional help organizing your files/office, books/collections, wine cellar?

48. Fashion and Stylist Consultation- From our experts at various retail shops (i.e. Richards, Saks, Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch etc.).

49. Catering Services- tell us what sort of party or function you want to have and let us suggest the perfect caterer for your event.

50. Get Away Weekends- Posh places for private weekend indulgences from the best resources…Where would you like to go?

51. Moving Assistance- Moving In/Moving Out? Don’t know where to start or whom to call. We can help…Catalogue antiques and arts and insure them before you move. Organized your inventory and label where boxes are to go when you get there. Moving In? We can offer Professional Organizers for just about everything in your home from wardrobe and closets to kitchens and libraries, photos to basement storage. Just ask.

52. Home Improvement Services -Owners Representative Liaison- Need help with a home repair project; let us refer vendors who we have used before. Bookcases, storage spaces, new kitchens, pool or tennis court resurfacing. We can also oversee the entire job for you or just be part of the team and keep things running smoothly for the entire job.

53. Clean Up from water damage to smoke damage or simply let us bring in the right people to help you get things back in order. Is your attic a mess of unmarked boxes and bags of stuff? We can help organize the basement, attic, your garage, or outside/inside storage spaces.

54. Personal shopping for a special gift or hard to find item? Let us know what you are looking for then let us do the work while you do something more important. Perfect for Holiday Gift Purchasing, Corporate Gifts, Party Favors, Camp Care/College Care Packages. The list is endless, why waste your time…Let us do the work while you go to the gym.

55. Supermarket Shopping- Shop like an experienced chef would. Heavy things first, then produce and perishables. When we bring you things home, we can wash and dry your produce, put things away, package meats for the freezer or simply take the dog for a walk while we are there. Heading back from a two week vacation and want your refrigerator re-stocked with your favorite foods? We can help!

56. Event Planning – A dinner party for 8 or a black tie affair for 500. No problem! We can help organize the event, help with invitations, music selection, florist, and caterer or find a perfect venue for the ‘talk of the town’ party.

57. Errands and Pick up Service- Not feeling well or just too busy? Just let us know what you need and we’ll go find it and bring it back to your home or office. Post Office, Pick up Flowers and arrange them for you at home, do your Drug Store shopping, Pick up or drop off Dry Cleaners, DMV, Library, Gas up the car, Wash/Wax your automobile, Pick up Wine/Liquor for your party? We do it all.

58. Valet Cleaning Service- Let us take your clothing to our cleaners or your favorite shop. We will first inspect each item for damage, loose buttons, torn seams or spots. We will make an inventory list so that you know your blue Armani suit and green Hermes tie are included in our inventory.

59. In Town or out of town returns and exchanges- Purchased a sweater at Bergdorf Goodman’s and think you’ll need to exchange it? Let us put that chore behind you.

60. Automotive Services- Is your car scheduled for service and you need to be someplace else at the same time. We can drop off your car and pick up the loaner and then bring your car back to you when it’s done. Wash/Wax/Detailing? No time? It’s our pleasure to help.

61. Liquor Store/Wine Cellar Shopping – tell us what you need or want and where you want your bottles stored or delivered. We will arrange for service to your office, home, private plane, yacht or NYC Condo. Happy to help.

62. Reminder Services- Yearly medical appointments always forgotten? Birthdays and Anniversaries always belated? Let us prepare your weekly/monthly/annual appointment reminders and we’ll make sure your on target every time!

63. Restaurant Reservations- Need a special table at your favorite restaurant? Would you like us to book a month of restaurant/club reservations ahead of time? Going on vacation and want to book eateries in advance? Just say the word and the job will be done. Want reviews, recommendations? Just ask us!

64. Minding Your Manors- This service varies for every homeowner who needs something a little special. Want your home to look lived in while you are away? We will move your car in and out of the garage or turn on or turn off lights throughout your house while you are away. Mail and package lookout, pick up and forwarding services available. Storm damage check while you are down South for the winter, no problem? Elderly homeowner needing maintenance and assistance with daily chores, light bulb changes, fencing or driveway repairs. Keep an eye on your housekeeping staff or run errands for them as needed. Payroll while away? We can do it all. Every need big or small will be professionally attended to. How can we help you?

65. Financial/Estate Planning/Legal Services or Computer Help – We can make recommendations for all your needs. Our service providers are all bonded, insured, licensed and professional. We’ve used them all before and can help you make an informed decision in a matter of minutes!

66. Housesitting Services- Going away for two weeks and don’t want to stop the mail or newspapers? Need us to check on the cat or your plants? Want us to let the housekeeper in, or schedule to wait for a repairman or utility service.
No matter what you need be it an hour or a day or a few weeks, we can provide the care and professionalism you are looking for. Plus, we’re also insured and bonded!

67. Problem Solving Services? Need something done and don’t know where to begin? Let’s talk, we’ll figure it out; if we can’t do it we will find the qualified “someone” to solve life’s little annoyances. Just ask us!

68. Hospital/Elder Care Liaison – Undergoing medical procedures or surgery? Need someone to cater to your daily needs or keep track of what’s happening at home? If you want to run your home from your hospital bed, just give us a call and we can arrange to help you get things done on a daily or weekly basis.

69. Big Box Bang! Love Costco’s but hate to shop there? We can help. Provide us with your list and we’ll get the job done and deliver everything exactly where you want it. No longer will you have to stand on lines, schlep the stuff to the car, or haul those giant bottles of laundry detergent to your laundry room. This service is provided once or twice per month, ask us for details.

70. How to Care For Your Castle Service – Need a new housekeeper, houseman, chef or butler but don’t know where to begin. Let us help. We can also offer professional training to your staff so that things are maintained in the proper fashion. Silver polishing with panache! Antiques handled with museum quality training. Need more details? Please let us help you train your staff to clean and care for your precious investment.

71. Garde Robe Luxury Wardrobe Service- Imagine storing your favorite clothing on your computer? When you need something you can just ‘click’ on it and have it sent to your next destination. Perfect for those with limited closet space, those on the go, those that like to travel without luggage? We will help you organize your clothing and prepare every item for Garde Robe pick up. Once items are picked up they are cleaned and photographed and digitally stored on your IPad or computer. When you need your clothes, shoes, handbags or coats, just click on the items you want and Garde Robe will deliver them to your destination – then pick them back up, clean them and store them for you until next time.

72. Home Staging Services- Statistics show a well-furnished home sells faster and for a greater profit. Don’t leave your home empty or filled with outdated or worn out furniture. Today’s buyers are savvy and are looking for quality, style and a well thought out investment. Ask us for further details.

73. Custom Tailoring Services- Wish you had someone who can copy and design your favorite slacks? Want a custom made suit without having to spend a fortune for it? Want to select from designer fabrics, wool, wool-blends, cashmere etc. Our custom tailor can even make your shirts! You get to pick the color, collar, cuff, monogram and style. Please ask us for further details…Including come to your home or office services.

74. HELP ME? Need help with anything from organizing your photographs or re arranging your library by author or subject? Help is just a phone call away. No job to small!

75. Children’s Birthday Parties- Need help organizing a theme and party for the little ones or big ones? We can help you find favors, invites, a calligrapher, music, flowers, parking valets etc. No matter what you need, we can make it happen.

76. Tax Preparation – Need help gathering your annual tax files, receipts, tax deductions etc. Our financial planners and Certified Public Accountants can help you make the job easier.

77. Private Security – Need a private investigator, a bodyguard, a certified air marshal to fly you into DC, a private car and body guard chauffeur or just a safe ride to the airport? Whatever your needs…We can help put the right person in place for your own or your families security.

78. House Closing or Opening Services- Have a vacation home here or away and need it to be opened or closed before or after your visit? If so we can arrange that service for you anywhere in the world! Want the kitchen stocked with your favorite foods, wines, and games for the kids? Need to turn on or turn off television or phone service? Clean the windows, or vacuum the pool? We can turn off the ice maker, take out the garbage, lock the windows and doors and make sure that everything is secure after you’ve gone. If you are planning on having guests at your winter ski lodge for a week or more, let us help? We can handle all the details so that you can sit back and enjoy your stay.

79. Balloon Bouquets or Flowers? Let us arrange for all the entertaining or party supplies for every room in your house. It’s not a bother; it’s our pleasure to help.

80. Meetings- Need to put together a quick meeting at your office/club or hotel or favorite venue, let us help. We can set up, cater, order Audio/Visual equipment/ photo copying, attendee packets, name tags, corporate gifts, trophies or certificates. Whatever you need. One call does it all!

81. Product Comparison Services- Looking for a new car or a new computer? Let us do the research and pricing for you. Save time, save money, save your energy!

82. Buying or Selling- Auction, eBay, Craigslist or the local newspaper. If you have an item that you no longer need, let us figure out the best way to get rid of it. We will arrange for auction or eBay sales and services, photographs and payments. We can handle it all – less of a hassle for you!

83. Company Picnics or Family Reunions- Let us arrange everything so that you can be a guest at your own function. Need tee shirts, prizes, photographer, games and events to keep everyone happy? From pony rides to ice cream or food trucks or catering…We can make it happen!

84. Complaint – Phone calls, Emails/Letter Writing – Tell us what the problem is. Give us back up information and let us see if we can get the results you are looking for. Yes, we can do it!

85. Deliver or Pick up Services- Need your golf bag or sporting goods picked u or delivered to Westchester Airport? One call and we’re on the way.

86. Welcome Baskets – Custom created just for you. Business, Personal, Holiday, Corporate, Kids, Welcome Baby, Wedding Showers no matter what the theme let us do the leg work and make the delivery.

87. Federal Express, DHL or UPS – deliveries or pick up of merchandise from your home or office. Let us do the work, just relax!

88. Garage Sales – Have too much stuff? Do you want to get rid of things around the house? Let us organize a professional Garage/Tag/or Estate sale. Our professional organizers will handle the merchandise, advertising and signage and traffic.

89. Gift Buying Services- Personal, Corporate/Event – Give us your list, budget, theme or occasion and we will provide you with photographs of items you may not have every thought about. It’s just a call….

90. Eldercare- Going away? Need to have someone look in on your Great Grandma? We can provide daily or weekly service and carry out the errands or needs of the elderly. Give Granny a great gift!

91. House Keeping or Cleaning Services- Need to prepare the guest house or staff it for a few weeks? Let us take care of all those annoying arrangements for you. We can even close up and clean up after you leave.

92. Mobile Manicure/Pedicure or Facials – Want to be pampered while you lounge in your own private boudoir? We have the connections to make it happen and you don’t even have to leave your house.

93. Appraising for Insurance Purposes – Jewelry, Art, Antiques, Collections…Need appraising /photographing /cataloging for insurance purposes or just to update your records and inventory. We will arrange for professional appraising from insurance companies and auction houses. Let us show you want we can do.

94. Monthly Accounting or Bookkeeping – want someone to write all the checks and make sure your bills are perfectly filed and mailed on time. Let us make the arrangements to do that for you.

95. Pet Sitting- Pet Taxi – Need help getting Fido to the vet or to the groomers, we can make it happen. Tell us when and where you need to have your pet go and let us handle the details.

96. Personal Fitness Training – Want to work out but hate going to the gym? Let us arrange for a personal trainer to come to your home or office. It’s just a call!

97. Photo Copies – Made, mailed, faxed and prepared for binding. We can and will do a very professional job.

98. Shoe Repair – When only the best will do, let us do the job for you. Shoes, boots, heels, reconditioning after the winter… Amazing quality at affordable prices, and you don’t have to be bothered. We will pick your things up and then deliver them when done.

99. Holiday Decorations – Let us handle the setting up and taking down of your holiday decorations. Lights, trees, ornaments both indoors and outdoors. We will arrange for the installation and take down. One call and it’s done. Plan ahead, its holiday time!

100. Unaccompanied Minor Travel Companion – Need to take your grandchild back down to Florida or back to school and you don’t have the time to take the child yourself? We can arrange to do that for you. We are bonded and Insured and can even provide private security if necessary.

101. Gift Wrapping and Delivery – Do you want your packages to look fabulous every year? Let us wrap, tie, tag and deliver your holiday gifts and presents throughout the year. You pick the colors and themes and we will do all the work.

102. Waiting Services – Can’t be at home to wait for the cable man, telephone, plumber, air conditioner/heating man, quotes from contractors, landscapers, movers, carpet cleaners, painters, furniture repair, remodeling services, deliveries etc. It’s just a call…we do it all. Bonded and Insured too!